Sens*bles went beyond the Lab's 1997
Wearables symposium, offering a look into the
world of emerging technologies, where computing
is not only wearable, but also emotional,
squeezable, washable, and edible.
Sens*bles considered the many ways in
which the one-size-fits-all technology that used to
sit in a box on your desk will become emotionally
intelligent and responsive: a world of assistants
that just happen to be hardware and software, rather
than human. Imagine, for instance, a computer that
can be customized by its user simply saying, "I like
that" or "I don't like that"—a machine that can
actually sense what delights or frustrates you, and
when you just want to be left alone. The shift is
toward a world in which the machine adapts to the
human in a respectful and sensible way, rather
than the other way around.

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