Media Arts and Sciences alumni hold or have held faculty positions at more than 30 universities around the world, including:

Arizona State University
Boston University
Carnegie Mellon University
The College of New Jersey
Columbia University
Concordia University
Cornell University
Darmstadt University of Technology
Dartmouth University
Drexel University
Georgia Tech
Herzliya Center (Israel)
International University of the Americas (INCAE)
London and Dartmouth University/Goldsmiths College
Louisiana State University
Nagoya University
New York University
Purdue University
Rekjavik University
Rhode Island School of Design
Ryerson University
Stanford University
Tufts University
UC Berkeley
UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Cruz
University of Illinois
University of Maryland
University of Munich
University of Nairobi
University of Southampton
University of Toronto
University of Ulster
University of Utah
University of Washington


A sampling of awards and recognitions received by alumni includes:

  • Ayah Bdeir and James Patten have been named TED Senior Fellows.
  • Marcelo Coelho's and Jamie Zigelbaum's project, "Six-Forty by Four-Eighty," was one of four winners in the 2010 W Hotels Designers of the Future Award. Their winning project is an interactive installation of thousands of graspable, luminescent pixels controlled by remote light brushes. The project blurs the boundaries between the digital and the physical while presenting a new solution for controllable, ambient lighting for interior spaces.
  • David Cavallo and Marina Bers were co-recipients of the 2005 Jan Hawkins Award for Early Career Contributions to Humanistic Research and Scholarship in Learning Technologies. The award was presented in recognition of Cavallo's and Bers' "early career contributions to humanistic research and scholarship in learning technologies." It was presented at the American Educational Research Association's annual meeting in Montreal in April.
  • Nathan Eagle, a postdoctoral researcher working with Toshiba Professor Alex (Sandy) Pentland in the Lab’s Human Dynamics group, was one of several researchers honored as Nokia Champions. This award was created by Nokia to recognize "the best and brightest among individual mobile application developers." Eagle was cited for creating the Reality Mining initiative, which uses information from a cell phone (voice calls, text messages, and Bluetooth short-range radio links) to learn about a user’s lifestyle.
  • Maggie Orth, a pioneer in the fields of electronic textiles, interactive fashions, wearable computing, and interface design, was named the 2008 USA Target Fellow, Crafts and Traditional Arts, by United States Artists, a new organization that supports, nurtures, and strengthens the work of America’s finest living artists.
  • Molecular Machines group alumnus Saul Griffith was awarded the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in 2007, a five-year award to individuals who show exceptional creativity in their work and the prospect for still more in the future. Griffith was lauded as "a prodigy of invention in service of the world community."
  • Marco Escobedo was awarded first prize in the Michael Dertouzos competition, run in conjunction with the World Congress on Information Technology. The competition, named in honor of the former director of MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science, focused on "IT with a Human Face." Escobedo won the award for his thesis, "Convivo Communicator: An Interface-Adaptive VoIP System for Poor-Quality Networks."
  • Media Lab alumni who have been named to Technology Review's TR100: 100 innovators aged 35 or younger whose technologies are poised to make a dramatic impact on our world, include: danah boyd, Colin Bulthaup, Tanzeem Choudhury, Nathan Eagle, Saul Griffith, Dan Gruhl, Vikram Kumar, Golan Levin, Yael Maguire, Pranav Mistry, Nuria Oliver, Ravikanth Pappu, Joseph Pompei, Thad Starner, Andrew Lockerd Thomaz, and Eric Wilhelm.