Postdoctoral Associate, Magnetoelectric and Multiferroic Devices, Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek

by Kelley Shepard

Feb. 5, 2019


Job Description

The Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek at the MIT Media Lab aims at inventing disruptive technologies for nanoelectronic devices and creating new paradigms for life-machine symbiosis. They are looking for a Postdoctoral Associate with experience in magnetoelectric and multiferroic devices.

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 The postdoctoral associate will:

  • Design and develop new magnetoelectric devices for diverse applications such as energy harvesters, sensors, actuators, resonators, antenna, memory, transistors etc      
  • Perform multi-physics simulations to optimize the device
  • Fabricate the devices using cleanroom facilities and perform device characterization



  • PhD in electrical/electronics engineering, physics, materials science, bio/mechanical/chemical engineering or relevant field
  • Strong background in magnetism, electromagnetism, magnetoelectric effect, multiferroics
  • Experience with magnetoelectric device development and characterization in above mentioned applications
  • Experience in multi-physics simulations


  • Experience in nanofabrication
  • Experience in antennae development or microwave engineering or wireless communication or wireless sensing
  • Background in solid state physics and electronic devices

To apply, please complete the following two steps:

  1. Send an email to using the format given here:
  2. Go to and submit your application to job ID # 17074.

Applicants will not be considered unless they complete both steps.

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