Macro Connections
Research Advisor: 
Mission statement: 
Transforming data into knowledge.

The way we act, both individually and collectively, depends strongly on the way we see the world. The Macro Connections group focuses on the development of analytical tools that can help improve our understanding of the world's macro structures in all of their complexity. By developing methods to analyze and represent networks—such as the networks connecting countries to the products they export, or historical characters to their peers—Macro Connections research aims to help improve our understanding of the world by putting together the pieces that our scientific disciplines have helped to pull apart.

What We're Looking For: 

Interdisciplinary students comfortable with a technical area, such as (but not limited to) physics, computer science, or applied math, and with knowledge of complexity science, networks, and/or social sciences. Pluses are experience working with large data sets and having computational skills, but also having creative analytical skills, which should be expressed in an ability to come up with observables for a system and to be able to think through problems critically without using a computer. Exceptional students/postdocs that do not match this description exactly will also be considered.

Special Requirements: 


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