Synthetic Neurobiology
Research Advisor: 
Mission statement: 
Revealing insights into the human condition and repairing brain disorders via novel tools for mapping and fixing brain computations.

We are inventing and applying tools for the analysis and engineering of brain circuits, in both humans and model systems. We anticipate that this research will enable us to confront one of the outstanding challenges for humanity: the understanding of the brain at a level of abstraction that enables us to engineer its function—repairing pathology, augmenting cognition, and revealing insights into the human condition.

Current projects include the invention and deployment of novel chemical, nanotechnological, and optical methods for systematically mapping, recording the dynamics of, and controlling complex neural circuits in the brain.

What We're Looking For: 

Obsessively innovative students and post-docs with strong technical backgrounds in neuroscience, engineering, and/or physics, who are intensely interested in driving the novel field of neuroengineering, and who want to learn via contributing to groundbreaking inventions and discoveries.

Special Requirements: 

Due to the highly interdisciplinary nature of neuroengineering, group members must be capable of skilled and independent work, yet also be able to think broadly and contribute to solving problems significant enough to require highly integrated teamwork.

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