Media Lab @ Mozilla Festival 2012
Media Lab @ Mozilla Festival 2012
Date and time: 
Nov 09 12 12:00am - Nov 11 12 12:00am

MIT Media Lab
Making | Connections @ Mozilla Festival 2012
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The MIT Media Lab has a 25-year history of encouraging creativity and collaboration. At the heart of our work lies the spirit of making and connecting. Technologies developed at the Media Lab help people connect with their interests, with other people, and with powerful ideas–all of which makes them better makers.

At the 2012 Mozilla Festival, we’d like to explore these different types of connections through a selection of presentations and workshops, including:

Coding for Everyone: Explore the Next Generation of Scratch

Programming with Online Data and Maps in Scratch

Scratch Meets Mozilla Thimble

Curating and Repackaging Citizen Video for the News

Designing Creative Technology Playgrounds for Families

Alligator Clip the Internet to Your World with MaKey MaKey

Join us to make connections Media Lab-style!