Death and the Powers at TDO
Death and the Powers at The Dallas Opera
Date and time: 
Feb 12 14 12:00am - Feb 16 14 12:00am

The Dallas Opera presents a new production of Tod Machover's Death and the Powers, February 12-16. This visually spectacular robot pageant by the MIT Media Lab's Opera of the Future group tells the story of Simon Powers, a powerful businessman and inventor nearing the end of his life, who downloads his consciousness into “The System” in an effort to project himself into the future. His family, friends, and associates must decide what this means, whether or not he is actually alive, how it affects them, and whether to follow.

The matinee performance on 2/16 will be simulcast to ten locations across the United States and Europe, including New York, San Francisco, London, and right here at the Media Lab. In addition to viewing the live, hi-def broadcast of the production, the Powers Live mobile application, developed in the Opera of the Future group, will allow you to virtually experience the performance. Live video, audio, and graphical content will be triggered in the app in sync with the performance, and your interaction will, in turn, influence the live show in Dallas. Powers Live is available for download starting February 1 for iOS 6/7 and Android 4.0+ devices.

Wednesday, 2/12, 7:30pm
Friday, 2/14, 7:30pm
Saturday, 2/15, 7:30pm
Sunday, 2/16, 2:00pm

Simulcast venues for 2/16 performance:
Bing Concert Hall, Stanford, California
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California
National Opera Center, New York, New York
Opera Philadelphia
Perot Museum, Dallas, Texas
Royal Academy of Music, London
MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA (Click here to register)
San Francisco Conservatory of Music, San Francisco, CA
University College of Opera and Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden