Networks Understanding Networks

"No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…."
–John Donne, 17th-century English poet

Economies are networks of businesses, just as businesses are networks of people, and people are networks of cells. Networks are everywhere, and the Media Lab’s fall sponsor event celebrated their ubiquity by exploring how these structured interactions affect our economy, businesses, health, and even the way we understand ourselves.

How is the fate of one company connected to that of other businesses? How does the health of one individual affect that of his or her community? How do we make sense of a world that is becoming increasingly more connected–a world where complexity has become increasingly difficult to understand and manage?

Archived webcasts from both days are available. Click the talk name to view webcast.

Welcome and Next Steps | Joi Ito, César Hidalgo, and Nicholas Negroponte
Neural Networks Understanding Neural Networks | Ed Boyden
Influence Networks | Sandy Pentland
How to Infer What Countries Know from What They Produce and Why It Matters | Ricardo Hausmann
Media Lab Research Overview | Joi Ito
Network Science: From the Web to the Cell | Albert-László Barabási
New Networks and Urban Transformation | Kent Larson
Wrap-Up | Joi Ito and César Hidalgo
Welcome and Introduction | Joi Ito and César Hidalgo
The Evolutionary Significance of Human Social Networks | Nicholas Christakis
Healthcare that Heals Itself | John Moore
Fabricating Networks: Notes on Biologically Inspired Design | Neri Oxman
Open Innovation and Creativity Panel | Moderator, Joi Ito | Panelists: Larry Lessig, John Seely Brown, Yochai Benkler, Chris DiBona
Search and the Social Web | Sep Kamvar
Civic Media and Networks: Understanding Media as an Ecosystem | Ethan Zuckerman
Closing Remarks | Wadah Khanfar