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Bill Moggridge of IDEO, "In Search of a Future for Design"

Wednesday, February 20, 2002, 4:30 PM EST

Bartos Theatre, MIT Media Lab (E15)

Professor Hiroshi Ishii, Tangible Media group

Moggridge is concerned that the traditional approach to industrial design does not help designers with new challenges. He also worries that the emerging discipline of interaction design has not grown up yet. He will explain these fears, and propose a "New Rationalism" as a way forward. The "New Rationalism" keeps people at the center of the design process, and proposes fifty-one methods for discovering the needs and wants of people as they interact with everyday products, services, and environments. "New Rationalism" offers tools to aid designers and developers in coping with increasing complexity and convergent trends. "New Rationalism" leads to a gentle and balanced aesthetic, encompassing emotional and spiritual expression.

Bill Moggridge is a founder of IDEO, a consulting firm dedicated to user-centered design of products, services, and environments. Moggridge and the staff of IDEO develop new ways of working, studying examples of projects around the company that involve innovative processes, and communicating the most interesting and instructive results both within IDEO and outside. He is most interested in the "people" part of the design, identifying users, their needs, and the best was to provide them with a satisfactory and enjoyable product.

Moggridge founded his design firm in London in 1969, expanding throughout the seventies with clients worldwide. In 1979, he added a second office in San Francisco to work with Silicon Valley companies as the electronics industry moved from chips to products. In 1980 he designed the first laptop computer, the GRiD Compass. During the next few years he pioneered user-interface design as an integral part of product development, and coined the term Interaction Design. Moggridge merged his company with David Kelley and Mike Nuttall to form IDEO in 1991. The company now has around 400 employees in 11 offices around the world.

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