Agenda: Tuesday, April 24

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8:30am  Welcome and Introductions | Joi Ito, Hugh Herr, Hiroshi Ishii, Andrew Lippman
9:00am      Virtuality and Reality (MC: John Hockenberry)
  • Changing Places–Kent Larson
  • Viral Spaces–Andrew Lippman
  • Responsive Environments–Joseph Paradiso
  • Object-Based Media–V. Michael Bove
  • Camera Culture–Ramesh Raskar
  • Panel: Understanding Perceiving
10:00am     Lab Exploration, #1
11:00am      Design and Experience
  • Information Ecology–Henry Holtzman
  • Fluid Interfaces–Pattie Maes
  • Speech + Mobility–Chris Schmandt
  • Digital Intuition–Catherine Havasi
  • Opera of the Future–Tod Machover
  • Tangible Media–Hiroshi Ishii
  • Panel: Acting and Interacting
12:00pm     Lab Exploration, #2
2:00pm      Learning Societies
  • Lifelong Kindergarten–Mitch Resnick
  • Software Agents–Henry Lieberman
  • Human Dynamics–Sandy Pentland
  • New Media Medicine–John Moore
  • High-Low Tech–Leah Buechley
  • Civic Media–Ethan Zuckerman
  • Panel: Seven Billion Teaching
3:00pm     Lab Exploration, #3
5:00pm      Panel | Moderator: Joi Ito