Spring 2012 Member Event: Overview

Inside Out

The three-day event examined what’s going on at the Media Lab through presentations, discussions, and open houses. Wednesday's symposium, hosted by award-winning journalist John Hockenberry, explored how, through a deeper understanding of the natural world, designers will be changing the very nature of technology: how tomorrow’s technologies will go beyond assistive devices to integrate seamlessly with humans as symbiotic, collaborative systems. We will envision a world where the boundaries between what is natural and what is synthetic–what is human and what is not–will be forever blurred.

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Tuesday's program:

 Welcome and Introductions | Joi Ito, Hugh Herr, Hiroshi Ishii, Andrew Lippman
 Virtuality and Reality
 Design and Experience
 Learning Societies
 Panel | Moderator: Joi Ito

Wednesday's program:

 Inside Out | Joi Ito, Hugh Herr
 IO: Community
 IO: Mind
 IO: Body