Tokyo 2016 | Speakers: Toyoki Kozai

古在 豊樹(こざい とよき)氏
Toyoki Kozai

千葉大学園芸学部卒業、東京大学大学院博士課程修了。千葉大学園芸学部教授、同学部長、環境健康フィールド科学センター長、同大学学長を経て、現在は、名誉教授、植物工場研究会理事長等。日本農業気象学会賞、日本植物工場学会賞、日本生物環境調節学会賞、日本農業工学会賞、日本農学賞、紫綬褒章、中国・国家友誼賞、米国・培養生物学会生涯功績賞等を受賞。主な著書に、“Plant Factory: An indoor vertical farming system for efficient quality food production (Elsevier)’、「人工光型植物工場(オーム社)」、「太陽光型植物工場(オーム社)」、「『幸せの種』はきっと見つかる」(祥伝社)、「図解でよくわかる植物工場のきほん、誠文堂新光社」など多数。

Professor Kozai obtained a BS degree in horticultural sciences from Chiba University, and master's and doctoral degrees in agricultural engineering from the University of Tokyo. When he started his academic career in 1973 as an agricultural engineer, his work was focused on greenhouse environment control engineering. After establishing his early work on greenhouse light environments, energy savings, ventilation, computer control, plant production in closed systems with artificial lighting, his scientific interest was extended to in vitro environments under artificial light and their control for sugar-free medium micro-propagation. His first paper on plant production using LED was published in early 1990s.

He was inaugurated as the president of Chiba University in 2005. After serving as the President of Chiba University, he was back in research, education and extension as a professor emeritus in an endowed chair position at the Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences, Chiba University, with a special focus on medicinal plant production under controlled environments. Since 2010, he has been working as the president of Japan Plant Factory Association (non-profit organization) and is leading R & D of “plant factory with artificial lighting (PFAL)” for commercial production of plants and “integrative environment control of greenhouses” using heat pump, fogging and null-balance CO2 enrichment systems for hot summer regions. He is a frequent lecturer at many international conferences held in Australia, England, Korea, China, Abu Dhabi, Panama, Nepal, Bangladesh, and USA, among others.

Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award (2009) from Society of In Vitro Biology, USA. The 2002 Purple Ribbon Award from Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. Japan Prize of Agricultural Sciences from Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies, and many others.

Publications: He has published in English more than 200 refereed papers and more than 50 book chapters and more than 10 books. His recent published book (as a chief editor) includes “PLANT FACTORY-An Indoor Vertical Farming System for Efficient Quality Food Production.”