TreeSense in Dubai Design Week

Monday — Saturday
November 13, 2017 —
November 18, 2017

TreeSense is a sensory virtual reality (VR) system that transforms its user into the form of a tree.

By tracking bodily movement and synchronizing the sounds, vibrations, temperatures, winds and scents of the virtual reality environment, TreeSense crafts an evocative illusion of inhabiting another, radically different body. By aspiring to create new levels of empathy through sensual experience, TreeSense uses technological advancements to foster our connection to nature.


Global Grad Show is an exhibition of student works from the world’s leading design schools, held each November as part of Dubai Design Week. Since launching in 2015, the show has grown to become the world’s largest student gathering. For its third edition, the exhibition is set to include works from 92 universities from 43 countries.

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