Danielle Wood participates in World Space Forum 2019


World Space Forum

World Space Forum

Monday — Friday
November 18, 2019 —
November 22, 2019

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and the Federal Ministry of the Republic of Austria for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) will jointly host the “World Space Forum: Access to Space4All” from 18 to 22 November 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

The United Nations aims to leverage innovative solutions and technological developments to realize common sustainable development goals, and attention is increasingly placed on the unique potential of space technologies in this endeavor. As we look ahead to the future and welcome more actors to the space arena, international cooperation for a sustainable space environment is essential. Together with its partners, the United Nations stands ready to facilitate productive and impactful international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space.

The  World Space Forum in Vienna will bring together experts and policymakers from regional, national, and local institutions, private organizations, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations, who will exchange views on the four pillars of space economy, space society, space accessibility, and space diplomacy.

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