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Kimiko Ryokai

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Welcome to the STORYMAT!  

STORYMAT stores children's storytelling play by recording their voices and movements of the toys they play with.  These stories revive on the mat as other children play and tell their stories.


Objects that elicit stories from children:

Children tell amazing stories with their toys. Having toys and a world in which they can immerse themselves help them tell their stories. In fact, they don't think about making stories. They narrate naturally with their toys. Instead of letting those stories slip away, STORYMAT captures the stories, the motion of the toys, and the place they were told, for them or other children to see and hear later.

Objects as conversational partners:

The mat recognizes the toys and their movement.  When children tell their stories on the mat, the mat tells stories back that are related to the children's stories.

Collaborative play/storytelling:

Children see and hear their stories and other children's stories that were played on the mat previously.  In listening to the stories of others as well as their own, children react by telling more stories and telling stories collaboratively.


Kimiko Ryokai
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