Martin Richard Friedmann

September 5, 1965 - February 1, 1995

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Memorial Wall

Our personal memories of Marty are on the Memorial Wall.

Memorial Service

Saturday 4 February 1995
12 Noon
MIT Chapel

Eulogy by Sandy Pentland, academic advisor and friend
Eulogy by Jimmy Reische, roommate and close friend
Eulogy by Bradley Horowitz, longtime friend and cohort
Eulogy by Dr. Herbert Friedmann, father

Soliloquy (for Marty), by Benjamin Lowengard, friend and colleague


Boston Globe , Friday 3 February 1995
The Tech , Tuesday 14 February 1995
WiReD , March 1995
Thrasher , July 1995

The Friedmann family

Herbert and Joan Friedmann
1464 East 56th St
Chicago, IL 60637
(312) 324-7336 (Dr. Herbert Friedmann)


Images of Martin


Marty's own home page