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I am as close as they come to a Butt Boy

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When I was supposed to be loosing my mind, I finished the Automagical Tabatha MPEG movie maker!. It's a bastardization of url_get, perl, cron, tar, ppmtoyuvsplit, and mpeg.

Here are some images I did with Bradley back at UMich in 1988.

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Michael Cosaboom -- Network Specialist Michael Cosaboom -- Network Specialist Michael Cosaboom -- Network Specialist

See me in the November 20, 1994 Sunday Boston Globe

Martin in Jan 1988

My face I grew up in chicago on the campus of the University of Chicago. I went to the Laboratory Schools where I was a guinea pig. My father (login:guest, passwd:guest) is a professor of Biochemistry there. My parents still live in the same house I grew up in. They love that photo and have a big 8x10 of it hanging on the fridge. My mother works as a tour guide (about 50% down through document) at the University's Oriental Institute. My favorite piece in the whole museum is the Colossal Bull Head which was several times my height when I was growing up. They used to have a real unwrapped mummy, as well as a Reconstructed Predynastic Burial. It's wild looking at a dude who lived more than 5000 years ago.

Martin in Jan 1990

My face
Then I went to The University of Michigan and went to the Residential College there. Do they have a Web Page? I majored in Computer Science in the LS&A

When I Graduated I worked at CITI Scary shit man... I also worked at DCO and then back to CITI. My advisor when I was a grad student was Spencer Thomas. He's into Beer. Some of my my friends still have faces on file there.

Then I went to the MIT Media Lab in the Vision and Modeling Group. I got my Masters extending a solids modeler and simulation engine to run on multiple workstations. After I graduated there I worked briefly at ATG. At Thinking Pictures and also at BDI

Martin in Nov 1986

Martin in Oct 1990