Soliloquy (for Marty)
Benjamin Lowengard
2 February 1995
two feet off the ground

when we're running off
in every direction
the details blur
and are nothing but
things already
passedshadows can't keep up
they wave like wings
shadows dim and dissappear
with light

we know ourselves
and we run fast
like light
forgetting time
forgetting you
forgetting night

under half magic
half mirage
our hearts are bound
traveling now
fast toward light
two feet off the ground

-benjamin lowengard

From daemon Thu Feb  2 18:09:00 1995
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 95 18:06:53 -0500
From: Benjamin Kline Lowengard 
Subject: Soliliquy (for Marty)

Hey Folks,
I knew Marty was a phan of big-phun. He liked humourous disruption. I'm
pretty certain my first exchanges with Marty were through email and big-phun.
I post a poem here for this reason and I hope he's reading it somewhere.