Electronic Paper

Electronic Paper Books and Electronic Books

Dr. Joseph M. Jacobson, Barrett Comiskey, Patrick Anderson, and Leila Hasan

Books with printed pages are unique in that they embody the simultaneous, high-resolution display of hundreds of pages of information. The representation of information on a large number of physical pages, which may be physically turned and written on, constitutes a highly preferred means of information interaction. An obvious disadvantage of the printed page, however, is its immutability once typeset. We are currently developing electronically addressable paper-page displays that use real paper substrates. This effort includes the development of novel electronically addressable contrast media, microencapsulation chemistry, and desktop printing technologies to print functional circuits, logic, and display elements on paper or paper-like substrates, including interconnecting vias and multi-layer logic.

Here are some snapshots of pictures taken under the microscope.

Here are some movies showing how electronic paper works.

MPEG clip demonstrating
microencapsulated pixels

Another MPEG clip

Simulation of the motion
of a pixel

Reversible paper demo.

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