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Vision-Correcting Displays

Technology could lead to e-readers, smartphones, and displays that let users dispense with glasses.

Why Networking Doesn't Work

New study reveals the strength of the strongest ties in collaborative problem solving

Media Lab to bring more digital tools into newsrooms with $1.2 million Knight Foundation grant

Affordable Precision Printing for Pros

On 3D printing spinoff Formlabs

Illuminating Neuron Activity in 3D

New technique allows scientists to monitor the entire nervous system of a small worm

Glasses-Free 3D Projector

New design could also make conventional 2-D video higher in resolution and contrast

Optogenetic Toolkit Goes Multicolor

New light-sensitive proteins allow scientists to study how multiple sets of neurons interact with each other.

Neri Oxman Awarded Vilcek Prize for Design

Marvin Minsky honored for lifetime achievements in artificial intelligence

MIT Launches New Center for Mobile Learning

Receives Initial Funding from Google Education

The MIT Media Lab today announced the creation of the MIT Center for Mobile Learning, dedicated to transforming education and learning through innovation in mobile computing. The Center's formation is seeded by a gift from Google Education.  more ›