honey, i shrunk the cds

shrunken cd buttons

Chad Talbott designed this demo using Steve Gray's World Automation technology. The purpose of this demo is simple: a tag can refer to anything. So, using this, why can't a tag refer to a CD? No problem.

The tags are small quarter sized tags which can be read by our readers. These readers, when interfaced with our Java software will spit back a UBIC (Universal Digital Identity) which is used as a reference, similar to a URL, in the digital world.

CDs and shrunken CDs Each tag has a unique ID, which references it to a CD located in the Sony 100 Disc Changer. Once a tag is read by any tag reader in the area, the software identifies the tag, does a lookup on it, and then sends the proper request to the disc changer to start playing that CD. The idea is similar to the buttons above. If you click on one, it refereces the sound file on the web server and your computer starts playing it. Here, the shrunken CDs are just a more tanglible version of this concept.

The software can be extended to the scenario that you could carry a tag which references your favorite CDs. You could place the disc down and the computer could randomly select a CD from your favorite selection to play. You could bring your shrunk disc to a friends house and play the CD through a high quality audio stream that is being piped through the Internet. Or, if your house is so equppied to have multiple 'listening stations', you could throw the shrunken discs down on a table and the closest speakers could start sounding.