E14 and E15 Room Rental Fees

The E14 and E15 event spaces are self-service.

The room rates listed below do not include the following services: custodial assistance, furniture, lighting, staging, audiovisual equipment, etc.  The rates listed below are to reserve the room.  The event host is responsible for placing the required work orders at least 6 weeks prior to ensure a smooth event.

The following rooms are $100/hr/room:

E14-633 Dreyfoos Lecture Hall
E14-648 Silverman Skyline Room
E14-674 Multi Purpose Room

E15-070 Bartos + Lower Atrium (together)

The following rooms are $50/hr/room:

E15 Upper Atrium

The Winter Garden may not be booked as a standalone reservation.

The E14-638 Winter Garden must be booked in tandem with other rooms. When it is booked with other rooms, there is no charge to use the space.  Possible room rental combinations:

  • WG + E14-674 Multi Purpose Room ($100/hr)
  • WG + E14-648 Silverman Skyline room ($100/hr)
  • WG + E14-648 Silverman Skyline room + E14-674 Multi Purpose Room ($200/hr)

Add additional reservation time for set up and clean up

To allow for ample set up before the event and cleaning time after the event, a total of four (4) hours are added to every event reservation.  If the event is in the lecture hall or auditorium only, there is a (1) hour set up and (30) minute clean up time added to the reservation.

For example, a  4 hour conference from 10 am - 2 pm in E14-648 Silverman Skyline would be charged the following room rental rates:

2 hours set up (8:00 am - 10:00 am):  $200
4 hours conference E14-648:  $400
2 hours clean up (2:00 pm - 4:00 pm): $200

Total room reservation charge:  $800

I have a limited budget for this event.  How much will the required work orders cost in addition to the space rental fees?

Great question!  You can find more information about average costs here.

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