Event Host Responsibilities

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The MIT event host is responsible for:

  • creating Atlas work orders
  • procuring and paying for all required external event services
  • relaying all details from any non-MIT hosts involved with the event
  • building security
  • building card access
  • loading dock keys

Use of the Space

Event reservations are only for the room(s) that have been reserved. Events may not use space that has not been included in the reservation.   Special arrangements are required for the use of any open space.


The group reserving the room assumes full responsibility for any damages to the facility and/or its equipment arising from misuse by its guests.

Alterations or Changes to the Space

Any major alteration/set design to the event space should be discussed with the E14/ E15 event space schedule team to ensure it is safe for the space. 

Final Cleaning

All rooms must be left clean, empty and in order. 

The event host shall make arrangements with the caterers to remove all equipment, including coffee and hot water dispensers, as well as kitchen trash when they depart.   For a list of caterer responsibilities, click here.

Similar arrangements should be made for all rented equipment and furniture.

If the event space is not properly cleaned, the event host will be notified immediately and asked to address the situation.  If this person fails to take heed of this first and only warning, custodial services will be called in and additional custodial fees will be assessed to the event's cost object. 


The E14 6th floor and / or the E15 Bartos Theater and Atria must be locked and secured after each event outside of regular business hours.

Lost and Found

The event host should double check all rooms for staff and guest possessions before leaving. The E14 / E15 staff are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

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