E14/E15 Event Space Rental Guidelines

Andy Ryan

by Jessica Tsymbal

Jan. 3, 2017


E14/ E15 Event Space Rules and Regulations


The Media Lab’s E14/ E15 event spaces are open for the Media Lab, School of Architecture and Planning, MIT departments, and student groups to reserve and use for MIT academic and research-related events. To book/schedule a room or rooms, the event host needs to receive access to the E14/E15 event space calendar.

Non-MIT entities are permitted to rent the space if:

  1. An MIT sponsor is present at all times.
  2. The event has relevance to MIT's educational and/or research mission.

The event spaces cannot be rented for personal events or corporate off-site meetings.

If you're a member of the Media Lab and wish to reserve space for an upcoming event, please work with your group's administrative assistant.

Please note:  the reservation system only allows reservations to be made nine (9) months in advance.


Internal MIT event hosts can request access to view the E14/ E15 Event Space Calendar by emailing The event space calendar is similar to the CAC-Daper EMS Virtual Calendar and can be set up using the same log-in/password if you already have access.

Please call 617-715-4627 for any questions, comments, or concerns. Our address is:

  • 20 Ames Street, E15-301, Cambridge, MA 02139


The E14/ E15 event space calendar will only allow a reservation request to be made nine (9) months out from the actual event date. All use of these event spaces must abide by MIT Policies and Procedures, section 12.5. Please note: the E14/ E15 event space scheduling policy and procedures may be modified at any time to improve the room allocation process.

The following rooms and auditoriums in buildings E14 (New Media Lab Extension) and E15 (Wiesner Building) are available to reserve for MIT events.  Room descriptions and capacity.

  • Lecture Hall: E14-633                                                 
  • Winter Garden: E14-638                                                                     
  • Silverman Skyline room: E14-648                                         
  • Multi-Purpose room: E14-674
  • Bartos Theater: E15-070        
  • Lower Atrium: E15-00LA
  • Upper Atrium: E15-00UA

A valid MIT cost object must be given for any reservation request. Once an event request has been received, it will be reviewed and a pending reservation will be sent to the event host. The event host must review the reservation and confirm back to the E14/E15 event scheduling team that the reservation is correct and no changes need to be made.

The use of the E14/E15 event spaces is strictly self-service. As a self-service event space, the event host becomes solely responsible for arranging all work orders, lighting, staging, and any other external event services needed for the event to be successful.

All other rooms in buildings E14 and E15 are not considered event spaces and therefore cannot be reserved or used by event hosts or groups using the actual event spaces. Guests attending events within the E14/E15 events spaces are not allowed on any other floors of the Media Lab without an invitation by Media Lab faculty or administration.


Once the reservation has been confirmed, a deposit invoice will be sent to the event host for the 25% room fee deposit in order to secure the space. After the deposit has been made, a confirmed reservation will be forwarded to the event host. At a certain point, around 16 weeks before the event date, the event host must arrange to have an event meeting and provide an event program outline to discuss all needed event services and timing for the event to run smoothly.

Please note that two (2) hours are added to each end of all reservations for set up before the event and breakdown after the event. A one-hour setup and ½ hour breakdown time is added to the auditoriums/ lecture hall.


Room fees for all E14/E15 event spaces run $100/hour/room for the full reservation time. This includes two (2) hours for room set up and two (2) hours for room breakdown according to the event time schedule. As needed, extra set up time can be added to accommodate larger set up needs. Reservation beginning and ending times must be strictly adhered to as there are many days when multiple events happen within the event space.

The Winter Garden room, when used in combination with other rooms on the sixth floor, may not be charged for. The Winter Garden is not available for use as a stand-alone reservation. It is used as a combined room reservation only.

E15 Bartos/Lower Atrium room fee runs $100/hour as a combined space for the events reservation time. The E15 Upper Atrium room fee is $50/hour for the reservation time.

There is a 25% room fee deposit required at the time of the event confirmation. All events must pay this deposit even if they do not pay for the room fee, as the deposit will be used for MIT event service charges.


Should the reservation need to be cancelled, the deposit return is based on a sliding scale as follows.

  • 16 weeks prior to the event date: 100% deposit refund
  • 8-16 weeks before the event date: 50% refund
  • 0-8 weeks before the event date: 0% refund
  • If no deposit was taken and the event is canceled within six weeks of the event date there is a separate $400.00 cancellation fee.

After the event has ended, a final billing invoice will be sent to the event host within a 3-4 week billing cycle. In addition to the room fee, there may be service fees for custodial, AV, facilities room setup/ reset, and event management among other possible incidentals.

All event requests require a valid MIT cost object account number at the time the room request is made to hold the reservation request and for all billing purposes. The cost object is required whether the department is paying for the room fees and event services or the outside co-sponsor is paying for services.


Room setup/reset: * the service charges are estimated for event set up and breakdown. Charges may double depending on service needs. Weekend/evening charges are a four-hour minimum.

Low setup charge: Light set up/reset, moving a few tables and chairs, opening/closing the air wall, usually one room.

  • M-F, 7am-3pm | $90/ hr. for one hour | $90.00
  • OT, evening/ weekends | $135/ hr. for one hour| $540.00

Med setup charge: 1-2 room setup/ reset, possible for up to 100ppl, usually a lecture or dinner setting with a reception.

  • M-F, 7am-3pm | $90/ hr. for two hours | $180.00
  • OT, evenings/ weekends | $135/ hr. for four hours | $540.00

High setup charges: Large setup/reset using 3-4 rooms with attendance over 150ppl, usually a setup of lecture-style setting and dinner seating.

M-F, 7am-3pm | $90.00/ hr. for four hours | $360.00

OT, evenings/ weekends | $135/hr. for four hours | $540.00

Custodial Services: * the service charges are estimated for basic custodial cleaning during, and after, an event. Charges may double depending on service needs. Weekend/evening charges are a four hour minimum.

Low custodial charge: This a simple custodial cleaning, empty trash, recycling, compost, vacuum/spot clean carpet as needed, and clean/ stock restrooms.

  • $38/ hr. for 1-2 hours service | $76.00

Med custodial charge: This cleaning is during and after the event is happening, includes vacuuming, spot clean carpet, empty trash, recycling, compost, clean/ restock restroom, and periodic cleaning during the event as needed.

  • $51/hr. for 2-4 hours service | $204.00

High custodial charge: This is for cleaning during and after an event, having a full time custodian on hand for emptying trash, recycling, compost as needed, cleaning/ restocking restrooms, spot cleaning the carpet as needed, cleaning tables as needed, vacuuming and mopping floors as needed, and overnight cleaning of carpets.

  • $51/ hr. for 8-11 hours | $561.00


  • Any lost or damaged loading dock key and/ or access card will be fined a $150.00 replacement fee.
  • A cleaning fee of $200.00, plus the custodial cleaning charge will be added to the event cost object where the cleaning was inadequate. The event host is responsible to ensure that the catering staff and custodial staff clean up all event spaces properly.
  • A damage fee of $200.00, plus the cost of room repairs will be charged to the event cost object if there are severe damages to the event spaces.


The MIT event host has the responsibility to make all needed arrangements for an event to take place, oversee making the work orders, supply all needed external event services and follow up with the close of the event. The MIT event host working with a non-MIT host needs to have all details relayed to all parties involved in organizing the event. Building security, loading dock key, and building access card are the responsibility of the MIT event host ONLY.

Taping anything to the walls within the E14/E15 event spaces is strictly prohibited. If, post-event, it is discovered that anything had been taped to the walls during the event and damage occurred, the event host/department will be held solely responsible for any and all repairs needed.

All event reservations are only for the room(s) that have been reserved. There is no setting up or using any event space that is not in your reservation.  Special arrangements need to be made to use any open event space.

Please double check for all staff and guest possessions in all the rooms that were used. The E14/E15 staff are not responsible for any lost or stolen items that the event group and staff have left behind.

NOTHING should be left in or near the rooms after the function. This includes coffee and hot water dispensers as well as audio/visual equipment. Please remove these items from the  event space when the function ends.

Arrangements should be made with the caterers to remove all equipment and kitchen trash as they depart or in the case of a drop off they should pick up all catering materials from your department office. Similar arrangements should be made for rented audio/visual equipment


The room(s) reserved should always be left clean and returned to the original state they were found.  Each group using this facility is held solely responsible for making the proper work orders and for maintaining the space throughout the event.

If the event space is not cleaned adequately or left in proper order, the event host or delegate who booked the space will be responsible for doing so immediately upon notification. If this person fails to heed of this first and only warning, custodial services will be called and additional charges may occur.

All leftover food must be removed from all event spaces following the event. If there is extra food left over and you do not want to throw it out, there is a "food cam" counter in the E15 3rd floor kitchenette where the extra food can be placed. After placing the food on the counter, hit the black button above the food on the wall, which will send a live stream/picture to students and staff who are most appreciative of the leftover lunches and snacks. To send food to the food cam, take the freight elevator to the 3rd floor and go right out of the elevator; the counter is across the hall.

All rooms must be left clean, empty, and in order. The E14 6th floor and/or the E15 Bartos Theater/Atriums must be secured after each event use outside of regular business hours.

The group reserving the room assumes full responsibility for any damages to the facility and/or its equipment arising from misuse by its guests.

Additional services associated with an event such as special lighting, A/V, movement of special furniture, extra clean-up, and damages, will be arranged and paid for by the group reserving the space. 

Any major alteration/set design to the event space should be discussed with the E14/E15 event space scheduling team to ensure it is appropriate for the space.


  • A MIT event registration needs to be filed for the majority of events. Please go to for details regarding event registration.
  • To register an event go to ATLAS and under event planning file a ‘Register New Event’ form approx. 4-8 weeks prior to your event date.
  • If you are planning a cash bar, besides filing an MIT event registration, you also need to file for a special one day liquor license with the City of Cambridge. This license may take up to six (6) weeks to receive and will cost x amount of dollars.  
  • An event registration is required when:
  1. you are expecting more than 100 attendees at an event
  2. more than 20% of attendees are not members of the MIT community
  3. events are cosponsored with a non-MIT partner
  4. alcohol will be served
  5. minors will be in attendance


The event host group is responsible for all work orders needed for use in the E14/E15 event rooms.  Please see the above section regarding placing work orders under the ATLAS system, Again, one work request will generate all work orders. The event request, once processed through the facilities customer service center, becomes the work order.

In regards to custodial services, again the ATLAS request needs to go under ‘event setup’ and not under ‘cleaning’ as this is event sales work. It is important to tell custodial the number of attendees attending the event , the start time, end time, coffee breaks, lunch, and any receptions/ dinners that are taking place so custodial can best help with custodial service. The w/o needs to be specific with what the cleaning needs are, i.e., clean floors and rooms during the event, clean bathrooms, empty trash, vacuuming the carpets, and spot cleaning the carpet as needed. 

Carpets may need to be shampooed after major large-scale events which could increase the cost of custodial services. Depending on the size of the event, it is required to ask for a custodian to be present for the duration of the event.  A custodial services work order must be submitted for every event that has food or drink along with additional trash and recycling bins, should it be needed.

In regards to the facilities work order for the room setup/reset, please have a floor plan layout ready to attach to the request so proper estimates can be given for service. The set up time and reset time is important in order for services to be set up. All room set up/reset services are outsourced to a company call “Your Move, Inc.” Facilities/Grounds room setup/breakdown work order needs to be specific in regards to how the event host wants the rooms set up. All rooms need to be returned to the original room set up.

Extra trash/recycling bins will be needed for any events with a large attendance. This is placed in the original requisition order for all services.


All events are required to have MIT AV or an AV service hired for all programing needs. The group reserving the room can go to the student life website to order AV services. For video services, please go to the MVP website or hire an outside vendor. All vendors need to be licensed and insured.

MIT Audio/Visual;
Paul Shay, 617-452-4639, email  
MIT Video Amps; Dawn Morton, 617-253-7435, email

Be sure to CC our email E14/ on all service work orders.


Tables and chairs should be cleared, cleaned, wiped down, and then returned to the proper storage closet after the event. All in-house furniture needs to be set up and broken down by the Your Move Inc. team which is arranged through an MIT work order made in ATLAS. All furniture required for an event needs to be requested through an email to the Please request the needed chairs and tables per room and submit a layout diagram for each event space. Should additional chairs and tables be brought in from an outside vendor, they should be removed from the floor and building at the end of the event. Available furnishings for the E14 6th floor are:

  • 425 - Black armchairs. Chair width arm to arm is 26.5”x 24” deep.
  • 400 - Black folding chairs. Chair seat is 20” across.
  • 22 - 60” round tables.
  • 20 - 6’ long banquet tables. Table measures 30”w x 72”h.
  • 18 - 30” adjustable height tables. These high top tables adjust to 42”h, 36”h or 30”h.
  • 2 - Coat racks.  Each rack holds 120 coats. One has hooks and the second has wire hangers. Coat racks are shared between multiple events. 

Both the E15 Bartos Theater and the Lower/Upper Atriums have limited furnishings. All furnishings need to be rented from an outside vendor as MIT facilities does not supply tables, chairs, or coat racks to either E14 or E15.

  • 50 - Stacking chairs. Located in the back of the Bartos Theater.
  • 1 - 30”w x 96”l folding table. Located in the back of the Bartos Theater.
  • 1 - 36” x 48” table. Located in the Lower Atrium.
  • 1 - 34”w x 84”l oval table. Located in the Lower Atrium
  • 1 - Podium. Black w/ microphone, do not move or tape anything to the podium.
  • 1 - Coat rack. Holds up to 120 coats. Located inside the Bartos Theater.


A copy of the E14/ E15 catering guide can be sent to any caterer as needed.


  • VOIP phone ext: 5-4631.
  • There is minimal refrigeration and frozen storage space in the kitchen.
  • There is no cooking equipment in the kitchen (ovens, warmers). All cooking equipment must be rented. ABSOLUTELY no cooking with propane gas or open flame.
  • There are three 30 Amp (3 curved prong) circuits available for large ovens.
  • There are two 20 Amp plugs hanging from the ceiling, beside the 20 Amp outlets along the walls.
  • There are 3 stainless steel sink counters, 1 rolling stainless steel worktable, and 1 stainless steel plating table.
  • The E14-670 kitchen space may at times be shared between two events.
  • All caterers are responsible for the cleaning, sweeping, mopping, and trash removal of the kitchen space (further details are available).
  • The caterer must clean all food service equipment, counters, and tables used in the kitchen. CLEANING means washing down countertops, legs, and shelving, and then wiping and polishing tables.
  • Kitchen is equipped with brooms, mop, and mop bucket.  All caterers are responsible to supply their own cleaning supplies.
  • All tables and chairs used by the caterer must be wiped down and returned to the proper storage carts and closets.
  • All deliveries must be stored in the kitchen’s back hallway. (See delivery below.)
  • There are plenty of recycling and trash bins. NO TRASH CAN BE LEFT ON THE LOADING DOCK OR ADJACENT HALLS.


  • There is no kitchen. Catering should set up a kitchen work area dependent upon the host’s needs and setup. The back hall of E15LA is NOT available for use.
  • Electrical power: there are outlets along the walls to power equipment.
  • There is limited furniture available in E15. All deliveries must store equipment under the stairwell in the Lower Atrium and be received by either the host or caterer.
  • All floors must be swept and cleaned after the event is over.
  • NO food is allowed in the Bartos Theater.


It is the caterers responsibility for removing all kitchen trash from the event when they leave.


  • All event catering and party rental equipment must be delivered and removed within the event reservation time, unless special arrangements have been approved.
  • Deliveries must be stacked neatly and to the space allocated for that event (either E14 or E15 spaces).
  • All equipment pick-ups must be arranged for immediate removal after an event is over.
  • It is the Event Host’s responsibility to arrange the pickup of all deliveries, not the staff of E14/ E15.
  • Use of the loading dock should be approved by the E14/ E15 scheduling team beforehand for all load in/ load outs of equipment and food services.
  • It is mandatory that all rental equipment be loaded into the back hallway of the kitchen, especially when other events are happening.


  • Any damages to the E14/E15 Buildings may result in the Caterer/Host paying for repairs.


  • The E14 Media Lab Extension / E15 Wiesner Building hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm.
  • For functions that occur before or after Media Lab Complex hours, the E14/E15 Schedule Coordinator will arrange for the doors and elevators to run during your event hours.
  • All door and elevator programming will be done the week before the event date. The E14/E15 complex is a research building and the doors need to be secured at all times.
  • A date and time will be arranged with the event host to pick up a loading dock key and an access card to get in the building off hours.
  • The door and elevator programming is only based for the event guests. The event host is responsible for letting their staff into the building.
  • E15 lobby may need access programming from SEMO and facilities-custodial.
  • Please be sure doors are closed and not propped open when you leave.
  • During weekends and evening hours, only the E14/E15 event spaces are open to event guests. The other floors of the E14/E15 buildings are not available for event guests to walk around.
  • For terrace access, ONLY reservations in the Winter Garden or Silverman Skyline MAY USE THE TERRACE. Confirmation for the use of the terrace must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event start.
  • The doors to the terrace are locked without arrangements being made. The doors will lock 30 minutes before your event ends on all late night events.
  • The terrace will not be opened from November 15th through March 15th during the winter months or if there is inclement weather.
  • Both MIT and the Media Lab have a lost and found in case something is left behind or forgotten.


  • Any deliveries requiring use of the loading dock need to be scheduled, and the person requesting the reservation needs to pick up the key, meet the delivery, and lock the interior loading dock door. After hours the event host is responsible to lock both loading dock doors.
  • Please confirm availability of the loading dock for your events load-in and load-out with Loading dock confirmation is important, especially when there are multiple events and services happening on a given day.
  • The freight/catering elevator is in operation from 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. but, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 a.m. the elevator needs to be programed.
  •  A loading dock key is needed outside of the building hours, unless access has been prearranged.  All deliveries need to use the E14 freight elevator and not the E14 passenger elevators.
  • E14 freight elevator measures 10’ deep by 7’6” wide by 8’ high. The doors measure 5’ W x 8’ T.
  • E15 freight elevator measures 5’ deep by 8’3” wide by 9’ high. The doors measure 6’ W x 7’2” T.


  • There is no lockable storage for events.
  • Events must end by 10pm (excluding breakdown/clean up).
  • No tables or chairs are allowed on the glass floor.
  • The terrace use is by request only. No set up of tables or chairs is allowed on the terrace.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the event space or on the terrace. Smoking is allowed only on street level outside of the building.
  • E14-633 Lecture Hall must be prearranged to open for event use.


  • MIT/Kendall Square parking is limited. If parking is needed, special arrangements will need to be made with the parking office
  • Street parking is metered from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Saturday.
  • The closest MIT parking lots to the Media Lab (E14/ E15) are the Hayward Medical lot (Hayward Street), the E51 parking lot (Amherst Street), and the E62 parking lot/Herman Garage. During business hours up to 5pm, all of these lots need to have visitor parking permits. Parking is free on weekends on a first come basis.
  • The public parking lots are at the Marriott (enter on Cambridge Street) and the Broad Institute (off of Ames Street) just across Main Street. Parking is estimated to run from $40-42.00 for all day parking in the lots around the Kendall Square neighborhood.
  • Handicap parking is located on Ames Street: 2 in front of Bldg 64, 2 in front of Bldg E17, and 2 located in courtyard entry at Bldg 68.
  • No delivery vehicles may be left in the loading dock after load ins/outs. The vehicles must be moved to street parking or a parking lot. ALL VEHICLES MUST TURN OFF THE VEHICLE IGNITION WHEN IN THE LOADING DOCK.


For room descriptions please look under the room description  page.




Both of these outdoor spaces are not part of the Media Lab and may require special permission to use from the surrounding departments, buildings, and the Department of Facilities. They are considered part of the MIT art collection and may also require permission from the List Visual Arts Center and/or the Council of the Arts.


Contact the event scheduling team at:

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