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Hugh Herr and his Biomechatronics research group at the MIT Media Lab have developed the first powered ankle-foot prosthesis. The novel prosthesis is capable of propelling the wearer forward and varying its stiffness over irregular terrain, successfully mimicking the action of a biological ankle, and, for the first time, providing amputees with a truly humanlike gait. Herr created the device through the Center for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine, a collaborative research initiative that includes the Providence VA Medical Center, Brown University, and MIT.

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Ankle-Foot Prosthesis Overview | Ankle-Foot Prosthesis Technical Overview | Hugh Herr Biography

Brown University Press Release: Iraq War Veteran To Present New Powered Ankle-Foot Prosthesis
Department of Veterans Affairs Press Release: VA Researchers Develop New Prosthetic Ankle
MIT News Office: Joint Effort: Robotic Ankle Research Gets Off on the Right Foot
Boston Globe: A Powerful Step Forward

WATCH tv icon Hugh Herr Overview (.mov) | Download Hi-Res Version (NTSC DV; 1133MB)
tv icon Iraq War Veteran Demonstrates Prosthesis (.mov) | Download Hi-Res Version (NTSC DV; 285MB)
tv icon Close-Up of Ankle-Foot Prosthesis (.mov) | Download Hi-Res Version (NTSC DV; 180MB)
tv icon Hugh Herr Demonstrates Prosthesis (.mov) | Download Hi-Res Version (NTSC DV; 200MB)

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Hugh Herr Ankle-Foot Prosthesis Hugh Herr Ankle-Foot Prosthesis Hugh Herr Ankle-Foot Prosthesis

Images of the Powered Ankle-Foot Prosthesis developed at the MIT Media Lab by Professor Hugh Herr
and researchers in the Lab's Biomechatronics research group.

Photo Credit: Webb Chappell

PROJECT DIRECTOR Hugh Herr, Biomechatronics Group

Alexandra Kahn, Press Liaison, MIT Media Lab
akahn **at** or 617 253-0365

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