Conformal, Implantable Viscosity, and Electrochemical Sensors


Continuous localized tissue monitoring and disease treatment

Continuous localized tissue monitoring and disease treatment

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The ability to continuously monitor physical patterns, such as pH in the immediate environment of tissues, is vitally important to do precise assessment and ensuing required treatment. Despite recent advances in understanding the pathological changes associated with specific diseases' formation and progression, there is a deficit of suitable technology that can integrate a miniaturized sensory interface with a treatment platform. 

Our proposal aims to develop a new class of interfaces that can access the tissue through direct intimate contact and provide continuous monitoring of the changes in local viscoelasticity and pH. In addition, this interface will provide means for infusion of therapeutics for localized treatment. Successful execution of this technology will provide continuous monitoring of physical pattern variations inside the human body, and guidance for physicians to understand disease progression. It has the potential to create a future personalized treatment plan to increase individuals' survival rates.