Flying Dreams

wendi yan

This project is a subset of the larger Dream Hotel project ongoing with CAST Visiting Artist Carsten Höller. The Room for Flying Dreams is one of the proposed rooms in the proposed hotel, where visitors will experience sleep science protocols as art pieces in the museum. This work is inspired by the Nielsen labs work on stimulation of Flying Dreams (2020). 

Bedtime begins with a trip on Carsten Höller's Two Flying Machines (2015). Afterwards, a viewing of our co-created video, Flying Mushrooms, a collaboration with Wendi Yan.

Bedtime reading consists of a book of 1, 488 Flying Dreams, which we have algorithmically shuffled using the pipeline Titus Ebbecke created for We Walk the Line to be one continuous dream of flight from many minds across many years. A tea of Wild Red Asparagus, the Flying Herb,  is a last step before sleep. Dream of flight.