BT Technology Journal
MIT Press

Volume 22, No 4, October 2004


Forward by Mike Carr


Beyond telecommunications by Nicholas Negroponte


The seven secrets of the Media Lab by Walter Bender


About this issue by Walter Bender and Steve Whittaker




Organic networks

A Lippman and A Pentland


Viral radio

A Lippman and D P Reed


Wirefree in Patmos

M Bletsas


Sensate media — multimodal electronic skins as dense sensor networks

J A Paradiso, J Lifton and M Broxton


Collaborative knowledge building by smart sensors

V M Bove Jr and J Mallett



V Lakshmipathy and C Schmandt


Learning communities — understanding information flow in human networks

A Pentland


Public displays of connection

J Donath and d boyd


AntiGroupWare and Second Messenger

M I Norton, J M DiMicco, R Caneel and D Ariely


The SAVE system — secure architecture for voting electronically

T Selker and J Goler


Models of growth — towards fundamental change in learning environments

D Cavallo


New styles of thinking for the era of organic networks

M Resnick




10× — human-machine symbiosis

D Roy


Next-generation personal memory aids

S Vemuri and W Bender


Touch and go — designing haptic feedback for a hand-held mobile device

S O'Modhrain


Visual attentive interfaces

T Selker


Closed caption, open source

E Blankinship, B Smith, H Holtzman and W Bender


Media fabric — a process-oriented approach to media creation and exchange

G Davenport, B Barry, A Kelliher and P Nemirovsky


Shaping minds musically

T Machover


Audio-pro with multiple DSPs and dynamic load distribution

B Vercoe


Open source building — reinventing places of living

K Larson, S Intille, T J McLeish, J Beaudin and R E Williams




Computing commonsense

P Singh, M Minsky and I Eslick


ConceptNet — a practical commonsense reasoning tool-kit

H Liu and P Singh


Teaching machines about everyday life

P Singh, B Barry, and H Liu


Commonsense on the go

H Lieberman, A Faaborg, J Espinosa and T Stocky


Affective learning — a manifesto

R W Picard, S Papert, W Bender, B Blumberg, C Breazeal, D Cavallo, T Machover, M Resnick, D Roy and C Strohecker


Biologically inspired molecular assembly lines

B Chow and J M Jacobson


Internet 0 — inter-device internetworking

R Krikorian and N Gershenfeld



J Maeda


Bringing clay and sand into digital design — continuous tangible user interfaces

H Ishii, C Ratti, B Piper, Y Wang, A Biderman and E Ben-Joseph




Unfinished business by Steve Whittaker