Inkjet-printed Conductive Patterns for Physical Manipulation of Audio Signals.

Nan-wei Gong, Amit Zoran, Joseph A. Paradiso


In this demo paper, we present the realization of a completely aesthetically driven conductive image as a multi-modal music controller. Combining two emerging technologies - rapid prototyping with an off-the-shelf inkjet printer using conductive ink and parametric graphic design, we are able to create an interactive surface that is thin, flat, and flexible. This sensate surface can be conformally wrapped around a simple curved surface, and unlike touch screens, can accommodate complex structures and shapes such as holes on a surface. We present the design and manufacturing flow and discuss the technology behind this multi-modal sensing design. Our work seeks to offer a new dimension of designing sonic interaction with graphic tools, playing and learning music from a visual perspective and performing with expressive physical manipulation

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