SproutsIO Urban Microfarm - Interactive Indoor Farming System for Urban Use

Broutin Farah, J. "SproutsIO Urban Microfarm - Interactive Indoor Farming System for Urban Use"


SproutsIO Urban Microfarm is an interactive farming system that enables people to reliably grow and access healthy produce in urban areas. The introduction of a localized system with the capacity to induce scalar impact through citywide collective participation has the potential to redefine our current opaque food system.

SproutsIO incorporates modular components augmented by technology such as monitoring sensors, automated systems, and smart mobile applications with the goal to facilitate aeroponic growing of organic produce in cities. A database and monitoring network has been established to assist users in determining the growing needs and profiles of plant species in order to provide real-time feedback in assisting with plant care. This is the first system to incorporate aeroponic growing technology with sensors, automation, and mobile applications into a fully integrated, networked, and responsive system for ease of use in an indoor urban context.

User studies were conducted to test primary aspects of the system: user interaction with the mobile application, ease of assembly and initial planting of the system, and user experience growing in the system over a weeklong period. The analysis of this testing provides valuable information toward future optimization of the SproutsIO system.

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