MIT MAS.865 / Physics 8.371J: Quantum Information Science

MIT MAS.865 / Physics 8.371J
Quantum Information Science

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Isaac Chuang

Spring, 2004


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    MAS.865 will NOT be offered in the Spring of 2005. As an experiment, parts of the quantum information course material will be taught as part of 8.422 (Atomic Physics II).

    Click here for the Spring 2006 MIT 6.443J / 8.371J / 18.409 / MAS.865 website

    Course Description

    Advanced graduate course on quantum computation and quantum information. Prior knowledge of quantum mechanics is required. The first semester of this two-course sequence (18.435) was taught by Peter Shor in the Fall of 2003, and covered quantum algorithms, quantum error correction, cryptography, and introduced fault tolerance. This semester, we will focus on two areas: (1) additional applications of quantum information, including metrology, communication, and authentication, and (2) implementations, including NMR, trapped ions, neutral atoms, superconductors, and photons.

    General Information

    Units: 3-0-9
    Prerequisites: 2.111 or 18.435
    Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday 1-2:30pm, Room 24-307
    Textbook: Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, by Nielsen and Chuang
    Grading: Homework (5 problem sets) 60%, Project paper 40%
    Schedule: Problem sets due Feb 12, Feb 26, Mar 11, Apr 01, Apr 15; Project proposal due Apr 29; Final project paper due May 13.

    Instructor: Prof. Isaac Chuang E15-424
    Office Hours: Tue. 4-5pm
    TAs:    Aram Harrow E15-435
    Office Hours: Wed. 1-2pm
    Andrew Cross E15-435
    Office Hours: Mon & Wed 3-4pm

    Course Textbook


    [T 03-Feb] Lecture 1: Entanglement as a resource; precision measurement; circuits and gates [PS#1 out]
    [R 05-Feb] Lecture 2: Mixed state entanglement; review of quantum operations and density matrices
    [T 10-Feb] Lecture 3: Quantum error correction (review)
    [R 12-Feb] Lecture 4: (Guest: Aram Harrow) Entanglement distillation and dilution [PS#2 out, PS#1 due]
    [T 17-Feb] No class (Monday schedule)
    [R 19-Feb] Lecture 5: (Guest: Ken Brown) Stabilizer methods; entanglement of stabilizer states
    [T 24-Feb] Lecture 6: (Guest) Quantum communication channels
    [R 26-Feb] Lecture 7: (Guest: Aram Harrow) Quantum communication complexity [PS#3 out, PS#2 due]
    [T 02-Mar] Lecture 8: Quantum software; teleporting gates
    [R 04-Mar] Lecture 9: Quantum bit commitment; random access codes
    [T 09-Mar] Lecture 10: Quantum fingerprinting; digital signatures
    [R 11-Mar] Lecture 11: Quantum games [PS#4 out, PS#3 due]
    [T 16-Mar] Lecture 12: Simulation of quantum systems
    [R 18-Mar] Lecture 13: Adiabatic quantum computation; continuous time quantum search
    [T 23-Mar] Spring Break
    [R 25-Mar] Spring Break
    [T 30-Mar] Lecture 14: Implementation -- Nuclear spins in NMR and in semiconductors
    [R 01-Apr] Lecture 15: Bang bang quantum control [PS#5 out, PS#4 due]
    [T 06-Apr] Lecture 16: Trapped ion quantum computers
    [R 08-Apr] Lecture 17: Neutral atom quantum computers
    [T 13-Apr] Lecture 18: Quantum state & process tomography; fidelity measures
    [R 15-Apr] Lecture 19: Superconductor quantum computers [Project forms out, PS#5 due]
    [T 20-Apr] MIT Holiday: Patriot's day
    [R 22-Apr] Lecture 20: Fault tolerant quantum computation
    [T 27-Apr] Lecture 21: (Guest: Ken Brown) Linear optics quantum computers
    [R 29-Apr] Lecture 22: (Guest: Ken Brown) Physical limits to heat engines; algorithmic cooling [Project forms due]
    [T 04-May] Open
    [R 06-May] Open
    [T 11-May] Open
    [R 13-May] Final project paper due


    Syllabus (pdf)

    Useful Resources and other QCQI courses

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  • quant-ph preprint archive at Los Alamos
  • Virtual journal of quantum information

  • Seth Lloyd's Introduction to Quantum Computation course 2.111 at MIT
  • John Preskill's Quantum Computation Course at Caltech
  • Umesh Vazirani's Quantum Computation course at Berkeley
  • Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Theory, Prof. Robert Griffths
  • Aarhus University Quantum Information Processing
  • Berkeley Quantum Computation
  • Bilkent University, Turkey Quantum Communications and Information Processing
  • BRICS, Denmark Quantum Computation Mini Course
  • Carnegie Mellon Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Theory
  • Hebrew University Jerusalem Quantum Computation
  • Imperial College Quantum Computing
  • McGill Advanced Cryptography
  • UC San Diego Quantum Computation and Information Security
  • University of Amsterdam Quantum Computing
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  • Weizmann Institute, Israel IAS Summer School
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