The Glass Infrastructure
Building an open, social information window

This project builds an open, social information window into the Media Lab using 30 touch-sensitive screens strategically placed throughout the Media Lab complex. The experience of using these screens is optimized for guests and visitors who collaboratively explore and uncover the people, ideas, and connections behind the research of the Lab. The system also makes suggestions about who to meet, where they may be, and what projects and people—represented as "charms"—one ought to collect, trade, and share. An RFID infrastructure allows us to customize the experience for each visitor, allowing the visitor to save pointers to projects and people for future reference. This is a model for an open IT system that can be used anywhere; it is a framework for developing open-area and personally responsive access methods. Media Lab sponsor Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. donated the screens for this project.

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The Glass Infrastructure
Image Credit: 
Andy Ryan
Interactive touchscreens placed throughout the Media Lab complex create a richer experience for visitors.