The Geek Chris Schmandt
Principal Research Scientist
Director, Speech Interface Group
Room E15-368A, 20 Ames Street
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
phone (617) 253-5156
fax (617) 258-6264

Research interests
Conversational user interfaces, enhancing personal communication and virtual social awareness, digitized voice as a computer data or document type.

B.S. MIT Computer Science 1979
M.S. MIT Visual Studies 1980

Professional activities
Active on program committes and reviewer for the conferences and journals such as CSCW, CHI, and UIST.
Media Lab UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) coordinator.

Personal interests
Hiking, backpacking, deserts and wilderness experiences in general.

Most recent fun destination
Wild beaches on the Olympic Peninsula.

Where am I from?
Boston area since 1969, grew up in Chicago and Philadelphia, extensive travel in Africa and Asia.

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