Are We There Yet?
Matt Adcock

What if your portable media player could assemble an audio program that fits within your available listening time?
We often have 'idle' time in which we consume various types of audio media (radio, audio books, mp3s, CDs, podcasts?) such as when driving to work, or waiting at a cafe for your friend to arrive?
Using mobile devices that are location aware, we can infer an estimate of the time it will take someone to complete a journey. Using this information, we can produce a personalized media playlist that will finish playing close to the conclusion of the listener's journey.
We can then use audio time-compression techniques and exactly match playback duration to the user's available listening time. A media player connected to a phone could also use information about the activities of friends or workmates to determine the available listening time.
Additionally, if the media playing device has access to a personal calendar, a playlist could be constructed to play until the next appointment.
This initial 'proof of concept' demo illustrates an example of time-compressing audio tracks. A second generation is also planned - one that can be used in a mobile setting

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