Will You Help Me
Jae-woo Chung

This project concerns about design and development of a system that will help to increase safety and security using cellular phones. This system has two main components; a master phone application to assist people who need to take care of their loved ones, and a slave phone application to provide help to care-recipients who need attention from their caregivers. This system applies location awareness (GPS,) awareness of social activities (communication activity and proximity with close peers,) and peer-to-peer data communication as its core technologies.

There are three major functions in the system: 1) Detecting a possible abnormal situation and alert both care-recipients (the system users) and their caregivers. 2) Providing location sensitive emergency information of loved ones to their caregivers so that if an actual incident occurs, a caregiver can immediately take action based on the information. 3) Finding other cell phone users (contact points) that will help both the caregiver and the care-recipient. The function for finding contacts is to get remote help from friends of the care-recipients and find out if they are in trouble. All the functions provided by the system fall into the gray area in between the state in which care-recipients are completely safe, and that in which care-recipients had an accident severe enough to require help from authorities.

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