Safe & Sound
Natalia Marmasse

Safe & Sound is an application which enables a parent to define a "secure zone" for their child. A secure zone is an area in which the parent considers the child to be safe. If the child ventures out of this zone, the parent will be alerted. He can then decide to place a call to the kid, or log the kid's coordinates (latitude, longitude, direction heading, and speed). The child will also receive an audio alert indicating that he is out of the defined boundary.

Scenario 1: Your 5 year old child is allowed to ride his bicyle around the block, but not to go any further. In this case the "secure zone" would be defined as a radius around your house.

Scenario 2: A parent takes her kid to an amusement park, but wants the child to remain within a certain proximity. In this case the "secure zone" would be defined not as a radius from a fixed point, but rather as a radius around the parent.

The location of the phone is known by the service provider. This information is not currently available to the user/developer but might be in the future. There are no privacy issues involved in giving the phone *itself* the geographic coordimates of its own whereabouts (as opposed to giving this information data to a third party). Meanwhile, this application gets location data via a GPS receiver connected to the phone.

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