VoiceNotes: A Speech Interface for a Hand-Held Voice Notetaker
Lisa J. Stifelman, Chris Schmandt

VoiceNotes is an application for a voice-controlled hand-held computer that allows the creation, management, and retrieval of user-authored voice notes--small segments of digitized speech containing thoughts, ideas, reminders, or things to do. Iterative design and user testing helped to refine the initial user interface design. VoiceNotes explores the problem of capturing and retrieving spontaneous ideas, the use of speech as data, and the use of speech input and output in the user interface for a hand-held computer without a visual display. In addition, VoiceNotes serves as a step toward new uses of voice technology and interfaces for future portable devices.


VoiceNotes: A Speech Interface for a Hand-Held Voice Notetaker. Proceedings of INTERCHI (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Apr. 24-29), ACM, New York, 1993, pp. 179-186.

VoiceNotes: An Application for a Voice-Controlled Hand-Held Computer. Master's Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1992.

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