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  The Spatial Imaging Group at the MIT Media Lab developed new

  technology and interfaces for holographic and other spatial displays.
  It was directed by Stephen Benton, who passed away November 9, 2003.
  Work on electronic capture and display of 3-D images has continued as
  a part of the work of the Media Lab's Object-Based Media group.
  Betsy Connors
  Tyeler Quentmeyer
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holo printing holo rendering
holographic video autostereo displays
haptic holography edgelit displays
former courses offered:
  MAS 450 & MAS 854 Holographic Imaging
A laboratory-based exploration of the principles, techniques, and applications of holography as a 3-D imaging communication medium. Begins with interference and diffraction, and proceeds through laser off-axis holography to white-light "rainbow" and reflection holography. Staff: To be announced
MAS 858 Creative Holography Workshop
An introduction to the history, methods, and aesthetics of holographic image making. Students create holograms in the lab on a weekly basis, learning to use holography as a medium of expression and as a tool for the investigation of three-dimensional ideas in design, architecture, environmental design, and engineering studies. Staff: B. Connors