Electronic display system for computational holography

Pierre St-Hilaire, Stephen A. Benton, Mark Lucente, Mary Lou Jepson, Joel Kollin, Hiroshi Yoshikawa, John Underkoffler

Spatial Imaging Group
MIT Media Laboratory
Cambridge, MA

We present an electro-optical apparatus capable of displaying a computer generated hologram (CGH) in real time. The CGH is calculated by a supercomputer, read from a fast frame buffer, and transmitted to a high-bandwidth acousto-optic modulator (AOM). Coherent light is modulated by the AOM and optically processed to produce a three-dimensional image with horizontal parallax.

Published as:

Pierre St. Hilaire, Stephen A. Benton, Mark Lucente, Mary Lou Jepsen, Joel Kollin, Hiroshi Yoshikawa, and John Underkoffler, "Electronic Display System for Computational Holography," in: S.A. Benton, editor, SPIE Proc. Vol. #1212, Practical Holography IV (Soc. Photo-Opt. Instr. Engrs., Bellingham, WA, 1990), paper #1212-20 pp. 174-182.

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