Why do companies join the Media Lab?

Membership provides a unique opportunity for corporations to have access to a valuable resource for conducting research that is too costly or too "far out" to be accommodated within a corporate environment. It is also an opportunity for corporations to bring their business challenges and concerns to the Lab to see the solutions our researchers present. With a budget of approximately $45M per year, the Media Lab pursues a range of research that no single company could match, and can provide an abundance of ideas, technologies, and paradigms for the future.

What kinds of companies join the Lab?

Any company wanting to stay ahead of the innovation and technology curve joins the Media Lab, ranging from automotive and consumer electronics, to telecommunications and financial services. Oh, and by the way, media companies—publishing, advertising—are some of the 80+ Media Lab sponsors!

What do I get as a member?

The Media Lab works closely with its members to provide them with a springboard for both innovative products and thinking. Members become an integral part of the Lab community, which facilitates interactive demonstrations, brainstorming, technology and product review sessions, knowledge transfer, and unlimited access to intellectual property created at the Lab. In addition, the Lab provides a neutral meeting place for cross-company collaboration and is a great place to recruit student talent for internships or full-time employment.

What is a member event?

Twice a year, members gather at the Media Lab to view demonstrations of current work, attend research group open houses, and hear from prominent outside speakers. These meetings provide an ideal opportunity to keep up on the latest developments in the Lab, form relationships with faculty and student researchers, and for members to interact with each other.

Masthead: Jonathan Williams