Corporate Research Partner
Corporate Research Partner is the highest level of consortium sponsorship available at the Media Lab.


  • Membership in existing Lab consortia;
  • The opportunity to establish a steering committee, comprising both sponsor and Lab representation, to oversee the sponsor’s relationship to the Media Lab;
  • A special company/organization day at the Media Lab;
  • An employee in residence at the Media Lab;
  • Selection of two Lab graduate fellows, who will carry the sponsor’s name;
  • Lab-wide visiting privileges;
  • Invitations to Lab-wide lectures and special events;
  • Non-exclusive access to intellectual property created at the Lab;
  • After one year of membership, the option to negotiate a royalty-bearing license to intellectual property created prior to the sponsor’s period of participation, except where prohibited by existing agreements; and
  • Access to publications (both print and digital); and access to insite, the Lab’s password-protected Web site for sponsors.