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Pattie Maes
Mark Rolston
Jared Ficklin

Nov 29, 2011


Computing has become a facet of ordinary life–a powerful resource for people, places, and things. It has migrated from the backrooms, to our living rooms, our pockets, and now, into the ether of life. Let’s discuss this evolving human-machine interface, our evolving relationship with ever-smarter things, and the social implications of our new life inside the computer.

We will also discuss how the product-design business has evolved over last 50 years, and how this new software-based, connected world is radically changing how products are designed and built.


As chief creative officer, Mark Rolston is responsible for driving frog’s global creative vision. Working closely with the creative leadership team, Rolston orchestrates teams of strategists, technologists, designers, information architects, and analysts to produce groundbreaking work. An early web pioneer, he co-founded frog’s digital media group in 1996, working with clients to leverage emerging technologies and setting the tone for user interface design and e-commerce platforms. He drove the creation of, marking the birth of the most profitable website on the Internet, and crafted the digital experience for i2, Microsoft, SAP, and Sun Microsystems, among others. Today, he focuses on the intersection of product, digital, and strategic design, pushing clients to offer truly convergent user experiences. His client roster has featured many of the world’s largest brands, including Disney, Ford, GE, HP, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Mark is an internationally recognized expert on digital media, user interface design, e-commerce, and mobile applications, and has been widely quoted in the press, including Business Week, Fast Company, Forbes, The New York Times, Technology Review, PC Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. He is a member of the advisory board of the Emerging Communications (eComm) conference network. About frog frog works with the world’s leading companies, helping them to design, engineer, and bring to market meaningful products and services. With an interdisciplinary team of more than 1,600 designers, strategists, and software engineers, frog delivers connected experiences that span multiple technologies, platforms, and media. frog works across a broad spectrum of industries, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, healthcare, energy, automotive, media, entertainment, education, finance, retail, and fashion. Clients include Disney, GE, HP, Intel, Microsoft, MTV, Qualcomm, Siemens, and many other Fortune 500 brands. Founded in 1969, frog is headquartered in San Francisco, with locations in Amsterdam, Austin, Boston, Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Johannesburg, Kiev, Milan, Munich, New York, Seattle, Shanghai, and Vinnitsa.

Host/Chair: Fluid Interfaces

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