Media Lab Perspectives: Listening to Disrupt with Katherine Cramer

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Photo by Tom Hill on Unsplash

Photo by Tom Hill on Unsplash


MLVoices: Anastasia Ostrowski

Anastasia Ostrowski, a research assistant in the Personal Robots group, discusses her journey into the field of engineering.


MLVoices: Arwa Michelle Mboya

Arwa Michelle Mboya talks about her interests and specifically her passion for working with and empowering women.


MLVoices: Pat Pataranutaporn

Pat Pataranutaporn discusses his work at the Media Lab, and takes a step back to talk about adjusting to the new normal of the pandemic.


MLVoices: Osvy Rodriguez

Osvy Rodriguez, a UROP in the Signal Kinetics group, recounts his journey to MIT as a Cuban refugee in the US.


MLVoices: Alexis Hope

Watch the video, then read this post by Alexis Hope to learn more about her work at the Media Lab and her passions.