The MIT/IDEO project is a joint effort between the MIT Media Lab and IDEO Product Development to address the human side of wearable computing. Using a scenario-driven conceptualization process, the groups converged on two tales involving very different individuals: Kio and Guy. The scenarios explore the personal significance of wearable computing and try to understand how a single core technology could be utilized and interpreted in various ways.

The technologies that the scenarios describe are from the not too distant future. Many elements are in beta form today. The intent of this project is to map, from a user perspective, where these technologies could go and to provide some guidance in their application.

This project is the result of the collaborative effort of many people over the course of September 1999. In alphabetical order, the participants from MIT were:

Richard DeVaul
Sumit Basu
Win Burleson
Josh Weaver

Steve Schwartz
Alex Pentland

while from IDEO they were:

Jon Burlinson
Miguel Cabra
Drew Carlson
Erich Domingo
Richard Eisermann
Nacho Germade
Sonya Mead
Mark Nichols
Gerd Schmieta
Jan Schminke
Danny Stillion