Wearable Applications

MIThril, a borglab production. Richard W. DeVaul, Jonathan Gips, Michael Sung, Sandy Pentland

An overview and some examples of the applications of wearable computing.

A definition of the word application: In wearables, it is the noun form of the verb "to apply". An application is a task or problem solved by some variant of a wearable computer. I have selected three categories in which to divide the world of wearable applications. Many of the applications I will mention belong in two or even three of the categories, but that is appropriate. The intention is to stimulate interest in the possibilities of wearable computers.


Applications that extend the user's capabilities.


Applications that perform tasks for the user without needing his or her attention.


Applications that facilitate communication between people.

Wearable Applications
Ryan D. Williams
The second annual "I Wanna Be a Cyborg" event, a borglab production.