Context Awareness and Applications

MIThril, a borglab production. Richard W. DeVaul, Jonathan Gips, Michael Sung, Sandy Pentland

the importance and challenges of context awareness

Effective wearable applications must maximize the benefit for the wearer while minimizing attentive and cognitive demands. Conventional computer-human interaction techniques are inadequate to the task in a multi-application wearable computing environment. By leveraging the power of context, or non-explicit input, wearable applications may significantly reduce the demands on the wearer's attention. Context awareness is data-driven and often computationally expensive, so selecting effective sensing, classification and representation schemes is critical.

For more information on context awareness, see Brad Rhodes' Context-Aware Computing Page.

Wearable Applications

what defines a wearable application?

The Need for Context

why wearable applications need context and vice versa

Making Context Work

the foundation for context aware applications

The Memory Glasses

an example of a context-aware wearable application

Context Awareness and Applications
Richard W. DeVaul
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