MIThril and the Future of Wearable Computing

MIThril, a borglab production. Richard W. DeVaul, Jonathan Gips, Michael Sung, Sandy Pentland

where do we go from here?

Wearable computing is poised at the edge of a transition to mainstream technology, yet much fundamental research is needed to make this transition possible. The key questions lie in the domain of context-aware human computer interaction, and MIThril is the platform that will let us answer these questions.

For more information on the MIThril project, see the MIThril web site.

Why MIThril?

the need for a new platform

MIThril Design Features

MIThril as research tool

The Future of MIThril

Heute die Welt, morgen das Sonnensystem.

MIThril and the Future of Wearable Computing
Richard W. DeVaul
The second annual "I Wanna Be a Cyborg" event, a borglab production.