Pictured below is the interface design for the handheld component of the MIThril 2003 system. Developed by Ben Maron, this is the effective front-end for the Enchantment Whiteboard system designed by Jon Gips and Anmol Madan.

Users choose which "borg" they wish to query, and can then view identifiers (processed data based on classification models) or signals (straight data coming off the various sensors or devices). The system retains traditional Media Lab branding:

And the MIThril 2003 interface in use at the 2004 International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC):

The MIThril Integrated Design Concept was envisioned as a way of combining all the MIThril 2003 components into a functional yet fashion-conscious package. Additionally, new features would appear based on the type of garment worn--e.g. information relay in a business suit or physiological sensors in an athletic shirt. Developed by Ben Maron. the first design comprised a full mobile computing research package integrated into a women's wool coat. The garment shell was designed in Maya, using basic human NURBS geometry from Jeffrey Ian Wilson.

The basic coat concept appears below:

Click to download the full-spread project brief:

mithril_idc.pdf (200 kb)



For more information on MIThril design, please visit Ben Maron's page.