Wind - Up Browsers.

MIT Media Lab

Spring 1999

The great Indian mathematician, Ramanudjan, completely reinvented number
theory starting from a single elementary math book to which he had access.
How great the world would be if we could put even a little bit of
information into a billion kid's hands.

The WIND-UP Browser seminar will be geared towards designing and building
an information appliance for developing nations.  The sole constraints are

1] It must change the world

2] It must have a manufacturing cost $10.


Joe Jacobson, Ted Selker


Rich Fletcher
Saul Griffith
Rob Poor

Rich's notes on radio


Week 1: Introduction to the Problem
Assignment: Map of literacy and access to information around the globe

Week 2: Introduction to low cost information technologies - Full survey of
everything in existence from displays to radio receivers to hand crank
generators that could be cobbled together to make a $10 device.

Week 3: In class design session of self contained reader

Week 4: presentation of self contained reader.

Week 5: Economic models - how can third world peoples supplement their
income:  Contract programming, inventing etc. over the web.

Week 6: In class design and presentation of an economic model for
supplemental income.  Brainstorm on how to build 1 Billion wond-up browsers.

Week 7: In class design of linked information device

Week 8: Presentation of linked information device

Week 9: Final project.

Class 1/2 notes.

in progress...