Henry A. Lieberman
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Henry Lieberman has been a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab since 1987. His research interests focus on the intersection of artificial intelligence and the human interface. He directs the Lab's Software Agents group, which is concerned with making intelligent software that provides assistance to users through interactive interfaces. In 2001 he edited Your Wish is My Command, which takes a broad look at how to get away from "one size fits all" software, introducing the reader to a technology that one day will give ordinary users the power to create and modify their own programs. In addition, he is working on agents for browsing the Web and for digital photography, and has built an interactive graphic editor that learns from examples and annotation on images and video.

Lieberman worked with the late Muriel Cooper, who headed the Lab's Visual Language workshop, in developing systems that support intelligent visual design; their projects involved reversible debugging and visualization for programming environments, and developing graphic metaphors for information visualization and navigation. From 1972-87, he was a researcher at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and subsequently joined with Seymour Papert in the group that originally developed the educational language Logo, and wrote the first bitmap and color graphics systems for Logo. He also worked with Carl Hewitt on Actors, an early object-oriented, parallel language, and developed the notion of prototype object systems and the first real-time garbage collection algorithm. He holds a doctoral-equivalent degree (Habilitation) from the University of Paris VI and was a visiting professor there in 1989-90.